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Over time we have studied our current and past customers. We quickly discovered they have different lifestyles, various budgets, and the amount of "cleaning needed". It has allowed us to perfect our craft and give people what they want.... which is universally amazing customer service, quality, value, and impressive results.
We have figured out how to bundle it all into one., or in our case three. That being said we offer various options to suit your needs. We provide Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, and One Time frequencies. Getting started is as easy as 1,2,3...

Step 1: Choose Your Plan


(Starting Price $120.00 Biweekly)
Our signature deep cleaning also referred to as an initial cleaning. It covers the entire house from ceiling to floor. 

*Bonus - Your choice of one large appliance cleaning 

All Rooms 

(Living rooms, entries, hallways/closets, stairwells, etc.)

  • Baseboards 
  • Cobweb Removal 
  • Doors + Door Frame + Knobs 
  • Extensive Dusting (High + Low) 
  • Fans 
  • Floors: Sweep + Vacuum + Mop 
  • General Tidying 
  • Light Fixtures
  • Mirrors  
  • Switch Plates 
  • Trash + Liner Replacement 
  • Windows + Blinds + Windowsills 

Kitchen and Laundry Room 

All Rooms tasks plus 

  • Appliance Exteriors (Microwave interior)
  • One large appliance of choice 1x a month 
  • Cabinet + Drawer Fronts 
  • Countertops 
  • Sinks


All Rooms tasks plus 

  • Cabinet + Drawer Fronts 
  • Countertops
  • Sink + Vanity 
  • Toilet 
  • Tub + Shower 


All Rooms tasks plus 

  • Beds Made + Sheet Replaced (If provided)


(Starting Price $95.00 Biweekly)
A general cleaning designed to clean all the common areas, plus some

All Rooms 

-Cobweb Removal 

-General Surface Dusting 
-Floors: Sweep + Vacuum + Mop 
-General Tidying 
-Trash + Liner Replacement 

Kitchen and Laundry Room 

All Rooms tasks plus 

-Appliance Exteriors (Microwave interior)
-Cabinet + Drawer Fronts 


All Rooms tasks plus 

-Cabinet + Drawer Fronts 
-Sink + Vanity 
-Tub + Shower


All Rooms tasks plus 

-Beds Made


(Starting Price $85.00)
A customized cleaning designed for homes up to 3000 square feet to cover areas of choice for 2 hours.  Choose any tasks from The Deluxe . 

Don't see a task?

Everything listed is what we cover. In fact, we have a specific list of Things We Don't Cover. However, during step 2 simply ask, we are always willing to accommodate. Senior Citizen pricing is available.

Step 2: Receive a FREE estimate today!

Or submit a request 

Step 3: Relax, you're all set. 

There are only so many hours in a day and you’ve got to decide how to spend them. With kids and pets in the home, you can find yourself needing to clean continuously. Our no-contract residential cleaning services relieve you of that burden, letting you reclaim your weekends and enjoy time with your family! Who has time to clean!? Well, we do.

One last thing, in order to best serve you, we have a few things we need from you. Please review Our Rules and what to expect during your first visit. 


In order for us to do our BEST work and for you to get the most of your scheduled time, we have a few rules that must be followed. 

#1. Clean up

We know, you hired a cleaning company. What is there to clean? Actually, a few things. Please be sure to remove clutter, wash dishes, and have personal items picked up before your appointment . Bathrooms and kitchens with lots of products on counters should be decluttered. We suggest putting said items in a tote or box the day of your appointment. This way we can spend valuable time cleaning and not moving items. Don't STRESS and grab your cleaning supplies, we just need the areas targeted to be clear or as we call it "prepared" for us to do our thing. We reserve the right to skip an overly cluttered/ inaccessible area. 

#2. Pets 

We love your pets. However, having them running around and wanting to play can be distracting. Securing or removing your babies during your visit makes it easier for us to dazzle you. Please check the home for pet presents aka feces. We do not deal with feces whatsoever, kitty litter box cleaning is not offered by Phoenix Deluxe Cleaning. 

#3. Relax!

At this point, the only thing needed from you beside payment and access to your home the day of your visit is to RELAX. Congratulations! You've done all the hard work. We have the rest covered. Help is on the way!  


No biggie! This area is designated to explain the Phoenix Deluxe Cleaning process and what you can expect during your initial visit.

#1. Quoted Timeframe

Each initial cleaning (The Deluxe) is given a 4 hour space for everything to be done, the size of your home (square footage) will determine how many team members are assigned.

For example: homes up to 2000 square feet will require 2 team members, in this case your timeframe equates to 8 man hours of cleaning. 

Over time we have discovered this is the best timeframe to be given to ensure every task can be completed without being rushed or going over time. Depending on the current status of your home's cleanliness, the amount of time needed could be more or less. Please keep in mind all of our pricing is flat rate. Sometimes the team WILL finish sooner than 4 hours. This does not decrease the price initially quoted. 

#2. Appearance

We are here to clean, not put on a fashion show. Cleaning is hard work, can you imagine doing your house x 2 daily? All of this is is said to say,  we want our team members to be as comfortable as possible in order to do every thing that needs to be done. Our uniform is a company logo t-shirt and black bottoms. We will not be showing up in button downs and/ or polos. Sorry not sorry.  

#3. Initial Walk-Through

You do not have to be home for your first visit. However, we recommend you at least greet us for the initial cleaning. During this time the team leader/ point of contact will introduce themselves and do a tour of your home with you. They will ask any questions necessary, explain everything that will be covered, and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please note each team member carries a digital checklist on their mobile device to use as a reference during your cleaning. To be eco-conscious and efficient we do not print out these lists for them (been there done that, it was a mess). Unless other arrangements have been made during scheduling, the team will ONLY COMPLETE WHAT IS ON THE LIST. If you're concerned something is not covered here is our list of Things We Don't Cover.  If you're still not sure, simply ask the team leader or call (904)- 397-5353. 

#4. Get to work team!  

Once your initial walk-through is complete the team will get all necessary supplies and equipment from their vehicles and strategize a plan on how to tackle your home. We are a TEAM, there is no such thing as one person doing more or less. You may see one team member doing something less tedious than the other. Trust, this is what they have agreed upon as a team. After the supplies and equipment are inside, they will IMMEDIATELY get to work. We do ask that you allow them to finish the appointment completely before asking questions or "checking progressive work". To be honest it can be distracting, causing them to miss other things, and it does slow down their process. You job is to RELAX... the next step has you covered. 

#5. Final Walk-Through

Finally! Your home is complete and we are ready to show off what we've done. During this time all work has been completed. The team leader will do a final tour with you. This is the time you can become a critic and go over everything with a fine-tooth comb. This is a human based operation, sometimes things are missed or could be done better. This is the time for you to speak up and a team member will make any corrections or adjustments to a task.

Please keep in mind we offer a 24 Hour Satisfaction Guarantee Policy. If you find ANYTHING not to your liking after the team has left. Do NOT fix it yourself. Call (904) 397-5353 and we will send a team member back to make corrections to the designated areas. 

Have more questions?

Visit our FAQS (frequently asked questions)

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Over time we have studied our current and past customers. We quickly discovered they have different lifestyles, various budgets, and the amount of "cleaning needed". It has allowed us to perfect our craft and give people what they want, which is universally amazing customer service, quality, value, and impressive results.

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